One Thousand Gifts list

Oh how simple is the obvious?  To get closer to God you must practice thankfulness… for the small things… for the hard things… for the good things… for everything…  Each day write down five things that you are thankful for until you hit 1000 items.  Discipline your first thoughts every day to be on thankfulness.


1 Thessalonians 5:18  

in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

Here’s my One Thousand Gift list:

February 17, 2013:

1. My children’s sweet laughter.

2. My endless creativity.

3. Finding a four leaf clover on a warm summer day.

4. Watching a butterfly emerge from a chrysalis.

5. The sweet smell of doughnuts baking in an old fashioned bakery (thank you Deerfield’s Bakery)

February 18, 2013:

6. Seeing an expected double rainbow span the sky with my best friend.

7. Seeing a sundog over the grand canyon.

8. Watching the joy my cats have in playing peekaboo with each other.

9. Watching my daughter sleep sweetly. She looks like an angel.

10. How Stampin’ Up! provides so much support and endlessly inspires me as a demonstrator.

February 19, 2013:

11. My son’s fearlessness and willingness to lead and try new things!

12. My son’s gentle caring heart – may it never get hardened…

13. My mom and aunt who never grow weary of my daily stories!

14. A bird’s cheerful song in the early spring.

15. Peonies!  May God never wipe these out!

February 24, 2013:

16. My Aunt and Uncle’s love and friendship

17. My boss who never gets tired of my questions

18. Snowflakes – how unique and delicate and beautiful they are

19. A blue sparrow – oh how I wish I could live where they live and watch them daily

20. A bathroom scale which reminds me to take care of  my body

February 25, 2013

21. A gentle and inquisitive deer I met eye to eye as I was walking in the park at the lakefront.

22. A sunrise at the lake front that danced in and out of the clouds.

23. A moonrise as it rose over the lake during a sunset.

24. A moonrise over the lake’s horizon at night as the moon was at it’s fullest.

25. Snowflakes softly dancing and tickling your nose as they fall whimsically to the ground.

February 26, 2013

26. A banana covered in carmel and chocolate sauce and whip cream (my favorite treat!)

27. Water… gosh you cannot live without it!

28. The Carribean and endless sparkling beaches and bluest of blue warm waters…

29. Sea Life in the ocean – oh how I am so mesmerized by such beauty…

30. Dolphins… soft… loving… gentle… fun!  I swam with one and had a lot of fun!

March 1, 2013

31. Trader Joe’s Mini Hold the Cone ice cream cones… they are 2 pts!!! on Weight Watchers!

32. My friends… so thankful for a tea side chats!

33. My MacBook Pro… oooh what a fun way to spend an evening  creating!

34. I love lucy shows… may I never tire of the laughter the cause me!

35. My cats – Bella and Ciara – such goofy furry things… they make me laugh too!

March 2, 2013

36. Stampin’ Up!’s My Digital Studio

37. The sound of a gentle summer rain

38. A sweet song of a bird excited to find my bird feeder

39. A fire in the fire place…

40.  My tea lights! May I never run out  of them!

March 31, 2013

41. My Sock Monkeys!

42. Sand in the shade… oh how it feels so refreshing on a hot summer day…

43. My cat’s whiskers – they tickle me!

44. Walking… it is so good for you…

45. Old Movies… such a magical time in American Culture!


Feeling such peace when I am truly truly thankful for what God has given to me…

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