Mixed Media – Gnome place like home

Have you ever had a dream project and you just didn’t have the time to do the project and then one day you got the time and the project brought great joy to your heart – so much so that you cannot stop!

Well I have a dream project – making fairy houses out of paper and forest items such as acorns, moss and sticks.  So a few of my fellow mixed media friends gave me a challenge – make a fairy house.  So away we went, like little gnomes on a mission, and we crafted and crafted and crafted and we are still crafting!

The nice thing about my friends is that we all are different – I paper craft and love little flowers and bows, Edie loves altered art and is the best altered artist I ever met and is amazing at that and Zoe well she loves meditating and yoga and she is a true blue artist…her free hand drawing is just beautiful as is her paintings! I love when we all go away and come up with something… and then we share and realize we are all different in the most awesome artist way!

Here’s one of my fairy houses – of course this is for indoor fairy gardens only!  Paper and weather do not get along!  This particular fairy house started out from an empty breadcrumb can!  The small flowers are hand made and have a small rhinestone in each one.  The charm at the top of the gnome home door is also hand made.

flourish top


flourish bottom

This was such a joy to do… and challenged my creativity quite a bit!  All I need now are a few gnomes to move in!  Stay tuned!

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Mixed Media – Be My Valentine Postcard

Dabbling a bit in Mixed Media – Gesso, Brayers, gold embossing and Modge Podge with tissue… to create this very special Valentine.  Mixed Media is so fun… and look I only used one stamp!  The background was made by inking up a brayer and rolling it over the card stock.  I played around a bit with Gesso to lighten up areas of the card to create a dreamy look.

This was very easy and fun…

flourish top

psl mixed media valentine

flourish bottom

The button on the card was threaded with pool party color 1/8″ ribbon.  I used crystal lacquer to lacquer the hearts and the handmade saying.  Over the next few weeks I will be periodically posting ideas on using mixed media to take your card making skills a little further.

Stay tuned!

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Journal Cards – Fast and Fabulous Journal Cards

Ladies… have you ever had a project that you wanted to do, but could not get the creative juices flowing in the right direction?  Well.. Journal Cards for me have been something I have accidentally fallen in love with – and it took me some time to warm up to… it’s a little different than card making and scrap booking in that your card size is pretty small…

I was invited to host One of a Kind Artists‘ art night – it’s a local creative group I belong to – and the theme of the night was paper crafting… so with that being said – we decided as a group to create Valentine’s Day cards and make them into some type of a journal.  So with a set of cards, I was asked to come up with an example and then teach how I created the example.

I decided to have a theme – for me I am not dating – so I thought to make the journal about me and my favorite things I like to do.  {I imagined that I could do speed dating and bring these cards to the speed dating event – and if the person thought I was nutty – then he was not for me – and if the person thought what I did was really cool – then he might have a chance! How funny is that eh?  Of course, speed dating is a stretch – kinda like this journal card technique lol }

Getting back on topic… The nice thing about this project is that I can add additional cards as I think of things – so this is going to be one of those projects that keep going… lol.  Here’s what each journal card looked like and the Stampin’ Up! Colors I used – I colored and decorated front and back sides and added a few pockets that were made out of tags and coin sleeves (yes the things that you put coins in to make a coin roll – they make the best pockets and thank you Edie (host for One of a Kind Artists Art Club) for coming up with the idea here).

flourish top

january 2014 ooka project1

flourish bottom

So each card on the ring had a theme:

  • Card 1 – Positive Thinking
  • Card 2 – Art/ Being Creative
  • Card 3 – Bike Riding along the Lake
  • Card 4 – Spending Time at Beaches
  • Card 5 – Hot Air Balloon Rides
  • Card 6 – Baking
  • Card 7 – Spending Time at Tea and Coffee shops across the country

I also did something a little different – I used gesso to add a texture to each card (Again thank you Edie for this idea too!) before I applied ink to them… once the gesso dried I then antiqued each side of the card with Tim Holtz’s Walnut color ink (you can use soft suede from Stampin’ Up! as well) and then I applied using a felt pad Stampin’ Up!’s Strawberry Slush color and Riding Hood Red.  The last thing I did, again using a felt pad, was apply gold ink to each side so that the cards had a beautiful sheen to them…

Once I did this, then I decorated them.  I created my own embellishments and used liberally Crystal 3-D by Sakura.  This is the best Waterbased Clear Lacquer I could find… It takes a few hours to dry – but once it does – wow does it make the images pop nicely.

So I figured out there were five easy steps to make these:

  1. Cut the Cards and Apply Gesso
  2. Punch holes and attach the ringlets that go around the holes (both sides)
  3. Color the cards – Antique them using soft suede or tim holtz distressing walnut ink, color them and apply gold ink to make the card base.
  4. Decorate
  5. Attach to ring using the badge clips and add ribbon on ring

Here’s some of the supplies I used for this project:

flourish top

january 2014 ooka project supplies

flourish bottom

To pull the cards all together, I simply hole punched each corner and created hole ringlets using the red glitter paper at Paper Source.  I put a ringlet on each side of the card to give the hole a little more stability.  I then threaded a badge clip through each card and then attached the badge clips to a metal ring.

Once  I completed the project, I tied ribbons in matching colors (thank you Stampin’ Up! and Paper Source) on the metal ring!

For a project I was struggling with… it really turned out nice and I am now a fan of miniature journals like this one.  There are so many things you can do – a school journal where each card represents a year of school for the child… baby’s milestones… wedding day… so many uses…

Here’s the creative kits I created for the One of a Kind Artist’s Meetup Group which I was the guest host at (I hung the ring and badge clips and ringlets on the side of the bag so that the crafters can access them easily):

flourish top

january 2014 ooka project kits

flourish bottom

We had a wonderful time and each ladies’ miniature journal turned out beautifully different and told a story of love which is what Valentine’s Day is all about… !

Why not have me host a Creative Arts Party for you too!  I would love to be your group’s Creative Coach!

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Chalk Talk – Very Special Someone

Do you have a very special someone in your life that makes life a little easier?  Make a quick and easy gift box and fill it with their favorites… Using Chalk Talk Stamp Set /Chalk Talk Framelets and Lovely Romance stamp set makes sharing blessings easy!

flourish top

very special someone

flourish bottom

This was a quick and easy project to do… the ribbon is dyed using perfect plum re-inker and a little water.  Just add a few drops of reinker and a teaspoon or two of water to a ziplock bag and cut a yard of whisper white ribbon, add that to the bag and ziplock it shut.  Then squish to color the ribbon and let it soak for an hour… take ribbon out of bag and squeeze the moisture out and let dry.  You now have a beautifully matching ribbon!

“The one who blesses others is abundantly blessed; those who help others are helped.”  – Proverbs 11:25

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3D and Cute – Sock Monkey Fun

Wanted to introduce you to a wild and crazy thing that I do – I collect sock monkeys… big ones… little ones… cat sock monkey… you name it… and so on my visit to Boston this year I learned how to make a sock monkey!!!! This is a male sock monkey and I named him spud – doesn’t he look like a potato??? It is really fun to make these and as you start putting them together, they get a personality of their own and come to life!

Thank you Helen for teaching me how to make these wonderful creations!!!

flourish top

psl spud sock monkey

flourish bottom

As you can tell… I am not very good at sewing these… but heck it was totally mesmerizing to learn how to take two socks and create this cutie!!!  He needs a Mrs sock monkey so I am going to try to make his mate when I get back from Boston!!!

Here’s a really cute tutorial on how to make this earthlings!

Go ahead and try this one!!! I know you are dying to have a sock monkey for a friend!

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3-D and Cute – Vintage Artisan Box

It’s another rainy stormy day in Chicago and thought I would play with the beautiful Artisan Embellishments Kit in the 2013 Spring Catalog…  So many fun things… vintage lace, buttons, doilies and silk flowers… I thought it would be fun to take the More Amore designer papers and make a gift box… added a special sparkle with basic rhinestones… this would make a pretty box for perfume for mom…

flourish top

psl artisan embellishments

flourish bottom

The box top was made with the More Amore designer papers in the Spring 2013 Catalog.  Score each side at 2″ – cut to desired width – leave 1/2″ on each side to close box cover.  The box bottom was made with pool party cardstock that has been sprayed with homemade frost white shimmer spray – score each side at 2″ – leave 1/2″ on each side to close box.  I had a lot of fun simply layering the beautiful vintage buttons in the Artisan Embellishments kit… you can simply use mini glue dots to attach to box.

Get creative by simply placing the different sized rhinestones arranged whimsically around the box…

flourish top

psl artisian box

flourish bottom

I simply wrapped the red satin ribbon around a silk flower to make a vintage and feminine box top cover.

flourish top

psl artisan_box top

flourish bottom

So pretty … Enjoy and hope YOU can try this one… it is very easy and quick !!!

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3D and Cute – Vintage Stepping Back in Time

Mother’s day sparks vivid memories for me of my great grandmother and grandmother…  they always had a hankie tucked into their sleeve and the hankies were so beautiful and delicate… I wanted to play around with seeing if I could make a beautiful and delicate step card that fit into a 5 1/2″ x 4 1/4″ clear envelope.  I immediately grabbed my ruler, pencil and paper trimmer to come up with a step card template that would fit into the envelope…. and … then grabbed my three all time favorite stamp sets:  Artistic Etchings, Best of Flowers (march’s stamp set)and Tea Shoppe.

I had a few challenges with the step card because the card was smaller than the regular step card.  The two sides of the step card are really narrow and trying to find a stamp that would act as a balancing agent was most important. I wanted the eyes to focus more on the middle of the step card where all the action is…

Here’s the result… again I love vintage and these stamps sets when combined correctly do vintage very well…

flourish top

psl Step Card Open

flourish bottom

This card is really pretty in the 5 1/2″ x 4 1/4″ clear envelope too!!!  Here’s the picture:

flourish top

psl step card closed

flourish bottom

This card does take a little bit of time to make and this is an advanced card in that you just need patience a bit to pull everything together.  So put the tea lights on and some soft music and let’s get started….   I am going to walk you through step by step how make the base of the step card.

Make the Base of the Step Card:

flourish top

Step Card Step 1

flourish bottom

1. Cut pink pirouette  cardstock 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″….

2. Using your Paper Trimmer, cut two 6 1/2″ slits in the card  – one at 1 1/2″ and one at 4″.  The slit starts at the 1″ mark and stops at the 7 1/2″ mark.

3. Now let’s make the steps in the Step Card.  Take the front of the card and score only the middle section of the card.  You will score at 1″, 2″, 3 1/4″, 6 1/4″.

4. Now let’s score the card in half so that you can fold it and place the card in an envelop.  Score the card at 4 1/4″ – make sure you score all sections left side, middle section, right section).

5. Now fold the middle section of the card…  the score at 1″ folds down (Mountain fold),  the score at 2″ folds up (Valley fold), the score at 3 1/4″ folds down (Mountain fold), the score at 4 1/4″ folds up (Valley fold), the fold at 6 1/4″ folds down (Mountain fold).

6. The left and right sections score at 4 1/4″ fold down.

Don’t worry if you are confused… I was too!  Just take your time and if this is your first time making a step card… make two bases – one for the card and one for a template and write down all the measurements on your template…

Ok moving onward!!!  Now we have to decorate our base… I am going to treat each area of the step card as if I am creating a small tag.  This way I don’t get overwhelmed.  We will be making five small tags… two for the left/right side panels.  One for the middle front.  One that goes in the middle step of the card and One taller tag that goes in the back step of the card.

I am not going to walk through how I made each tag – I think all of you could figure that one out… but I will give measurements of how to cut the cardstock.

To make these smaller tags that we will fasten onto the step card base in various places, you will need:

1 – 8 1/2 x 11 ” sheet of basic gray cardstock.

1 – 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheet of whisper white cardstock that has been sprayed with a shimmer spray so it shimmers ( you can substitute and use shimmer paper)

1 – 12 1/2″ length of 3/8″ Pink Pirouette Taffeta Ribbon.

1 sheet of basic pearls

Dazzling Diamond Glitter Glue

Stampin’ Dimensionals

Mini Glue Dots

Snail Adhesive

Tea Shoppe Stamp Set

March Best of Flowers Stamp Set

Artistic Etchings Stamp Set

Basic Grey Ink Pad

Pink Pirouette Stampin’ Write Marker

Old Olive Stampin’ Write Marker

Marina Mist Stampin’ Write Marker

Primrose Petals Stampin’ Write Marker

Itty Bitty Punch – Flower

Paper Snips

To Make Side Panel Tags:

flourish top

step card side panel

flourish bottom

1. Cut two 1 1/4″ x 4″ basic gray cardstock panels.

2. Cut two 1″ x 3 3/4″ whisper white shimmer cardstock panels.

3. Decorate the whisper white shimmer cardstock Panels: I used the Small Medallion Stamp from Artistic Etchings and basic gray ink pad to decorate this panel… I also created a little dimension by punching out the medallion portion of the stamped image and attaching to panel with a stampin’ dimensional.  You can also use pink pirouette ribbon on top/ bottom corners.  Add pearls to each side.

4. Center horizontaly and vertically the whisper white shimmer cardstock on the basic gray cardstock and attach with mini glue dots.  Do this step twice for each Panel.

5. Attach the side panel tags to the step card by centering each panel onto the pink pirouette panels.

To Make Front Center Tags:

flourish top

step card middle tag

flourish bottom

1. Take the scraps from the whisper white shimmer cardstock and using basic gray ink and the Tea Shoppe Stamp set stamp the oval with the rose twice and then cut each out.  Color both cut out images with old olive and pirouette pink stampin’ write markers. Using dazzling diamond glitter put a dot on the peony on the stamped image and spread around the flower evenly with your finger. Attach a stampin dimensional between both cut out images.  Add two medium sized pearls to the cut out image.  Attach to step card base front middle.

2. Stamp the right most tea cup using old olive ink twice on the scraps from the whisper white shimmer cardstock using basic gray ink.  Cut out both images and sandwhich a stampin dimensional between them. Using Dazzling Diamond Glitter Adhesive, spread the adhesive so it is evenly spread on the cup.  Let dry and then attach to the back of the peony image in step 1 of this set of instructions.

To Make Middle Center Tags:

flourish top

step card center

flourish bottom

1. Using the whisper white shimmer cardstock cut a rectangle 2 1/4″ x2″ and set aside.

2. Using the basic gray cardstock cut a rectangle 2 1/4″ x 2 1/2″ and attach the whisper white shimmer card stock to it so that it is centered horizontally and vertically.

3. Using whisper white shimmer cardstock scraps, stamp the rose flower bouquet from Best of Flowers stamp set twice.  Color in the flowers with Pink Pirouette and Primrose Petals Stampin’ Write Markers.  Color the leaves using old olive Stampin’ Write Marker.  Cut out the first image.  Then only cut out the rose and large leaf from the second image.  Attach the rose and large leaf to the cut out image using a stampin dimensional.  Sandwich a stampin dimensional between the flowers.  Center and attach to the whisper white shimmer cardstock rectangle with a stampin’ Dimensional.

4. Attach the whisper white cardstock rectangle to the based gray cardstock rectangle making sure it is centered horizontally and vertically.

5. Using the Dazzling Diamonds adhesive, cover the rose flower using your finger to spread adhesive evenly.

6. Attach the pearls to the right top of the tag and to the rose middle.

7. Attach tag to the middle step in the step card.

8. Attach a pink pirouette 5/8″ Taffeta bow.

To Make Middle Center Tag:

flourish top

step card back center

flourish bottom

1. Using the whisper white shimmer cardstock cut a rectangle 2 7/8″ x 2″ and set aside.

2. Using the basic gray cardstock cut a rectangle 2 1/4″ x 3 1/8″ and attach the whisper white shimmer card stock to it so that it is centered horizontally and vertically.

3. Using whisper white shimmer cardstock scraps, stamp the tea for two saying from the tea shoppe stamp set twice and cut out the both images    Sandwich a stampin dimensional between the two images.  Center and attach to the top of the whisper white shimmer cardstock rectangle with a stampin’ Dimensional.

4. Using whisper white shimmer cardstock scraps, stamp the remaining two tea cups from the tea shoppe stamp set… using pink pirouette stamp’ write marker and a marina mist stampin’ write marker.  Do this twice and carefully cut out the tea cups – you should have four of them.  Sandwich the like colored tea cups together with a dimensional and the attach to whisper white shimmer cardstock.  Add pearls to embellish.

5. Attach to whisper white cardstock on tag as shown above.

6. Take a 2″ pink pirouette ribbon and arrange inside the Tea for Two images as shown above.

7. Attach tag to the back step in the step card.


– Try different stamp sets with this step card.

– Add a saying such as Happy Birthday to the top middle tag.

Enjoy and hope YOU can try this one… it is very fun…

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Gift Idea – Beautiful Vintage Sampler Shadowbox

I want to introduce you to a very very talented stamper and paper extraordinaire… her name is Cecil Ortiz and she does amazing amazing things with paper… last month I was totally privileged to participate in my upline’s swap which features one of Cecil Ortiz’s works.  Cecil had made a beautiful vintage sampler that just took my breath away… so my upline thought it would be fun if we did a swap… each of us took a rectangle and we tried our best to replicate the vintage sampler that Cecil did…  I added a few squares to this to fit the hinged cabinet I picked out and the back of the hinged cabinet is cloth, so I can fasten a piece of velcro on each square and swap out squares month by month…

I thought it would be awesome to include a few squares that had words of wisdom that my children can read… I also thought this would be great to use MDS to jot down a few bible verses to help me lock in my studies…  Each month I can begin the month with the verses I plan to study…

Cecil – I just want to thank you profusely for sharing your work… you are truly an inspiration to me… you can find Cecil’s original work here:


Here’s my rendering plus 15 other talented stampers – again we all took a square – I did the square with the dress form and pink lace shawl, the butterfly with the blue bow, the two word cards and the sparkly heart and the small scallop circle with the two pink tails…

flourish top

psl vintage sampler full view

flourish bottom

Here’s the vintage sampler cards I made:

flourish top

psl vintage sampler 2 psl vintage sampler 3 psl vintage sampler4 psl vintage sampler5 psl vintage sampler6

flourish bottom

It was really fun doing this and even more fun waiting for the mail to come with all the little cute cards.  The shadowbox pictured in the first image was purchased from Marshall’s for $14… not bad…

The actual size of the vintage sampler card is 1 3/8″ x 1 7/8″.  I used the scallop rectangle framelet for the back of the vintage sampler card.  The shading was done in sahara sand…

I hope you can try this!  It’s really not that hard – just a little tedious if you have to add pearls and cut out pieces… do one a night!  By Mother’s day you will have a very very nice gift for Mom or Grandma!

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Fast and Fabulous – God Pulls Us Through Life

When I think of Easter, I think of how lucky I am to be so blessed.  I think of how God knows already what the future lies ahead for me… all I have to do is believe in Him and follow His ways and let Him pull me through this amazing life… kinda like how a child pulls a pull toy… Today is a very special day for Christians all around the world… let us rejoice in Him and thank Him for His never ending grace, love and faithfulness…

flourish top

God is Love Wagon

flourish bottom

I made this to symbolize the way God pulls us so beautifully through life… the designer paper is from the clearance rack – Attic Boutique… the rest is from the 2012-2013 Annual Catalog – Calypso Coral Ruffled Ribbon, Antique Brads (wheels), Silver Glimmer Paper (wheels) , Early Espresso Cardstock (wheels), Petite Pennants Builder Punch, medium size clear cellophane treat bags, Fancy Favor BigZ Die, basic pearls – large size.  Flower Trim from Spring Catalog.

Here’s an even better idea for a wagon: http://www.stampinup.net/esuite/home/create_nola/blog?directBlogUrl=%2Fblog%2F2027183%2Fentry%2Fhappy_easter_everybunny1

Have a great Easter!

Enjoy and hope YOU can try this one… it is very easy and quick…

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Sale-a-Bration – Goodbye…

Sale-a-bration 2013 will be missed in my heart big time!  I love all the wonderful items – I ordered so many things in both english and spanish and the ribbons were my all time favorite!  I wanted to do a card that was extra special – so I decided to take a stab at iris folding  with the beautiful Sycamore Street ribbons and our retired butterfly punch image…

Note:  Don’t Forget that Sale-a-bration ends March 22, 2013!

flourish top

goodby saleabration

flourish bottom

Happy Scrappin’… hope I inkspired you a bit and don’t forget to get your orders in before Sale-a-bration ends to take advantage of the free and beautiful sale-a-bration items with $50 purchase!

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