Chalkboard Cards – White Embossing Packs a Huge Punch

I have been wanting to do a chalkboard card for a long time now… and the Northshore Crafter’s Guild I host is going to learn how to do these…

We will be making six (6) cards using the chalkboard technique… we’ll explore the various different ways we can create chalkboard cards… embossing white on black, stamping white on black, stamping black on white…

Here’s a quick sneak peek at one of the cards we are making… this card’s tag is really a magnet… so the receiver of this card can pull the tag off the card and place on a fridge or magnetic whiteboard… what a neat Valentine’s gift!

I made this card with someone very special in mind! She pushes my creative skill to the limit and she is a wonderful friend! Can’t say who it is just yet because I am giving this card to her for Valentine’s day …. shhhhh!

flourish top

psl chalkboard2

flourish bottom

I just love how the pinks make the black pop!  Is there anyone in your life that has made you stronger? wiser? kinder?  Make sure you send a handmade card to them…!

Hop on over to our monthly meetup for the Northshore Crafter’s Guild… we meet at my house and craft the evening or afternoon away… we are still trying to work on a set schedule so for now we meet when everyone seems to be able to meet… I have enough space for 8-10 stampers!

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