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Ladies… have you ever had a project that you wanted to do, but could not get the creative juices flowing in the right direction?  Well.. Journal Cards for me have been something I have accidentally fallen in love with – and it took me some time to warm up to… it’s a little different than card making and scrap booking in that your card size is pretty small…

I was invited to host One of a Kind Artists‘ art night – it’s a local creative group I belong to – and the theme of the night was paper crafting… so with that being said – we decided as a group to create Valentine’s Day cards and make them into some type of a journal.  So with a set of cards, I was asked to come up with an example and then teach how I created the example.

I decided to have a theme – for me I am not dating – so I thought to make the journal about me and my favorite things I like to do.  {I imagined that I could do speed dating and bring these cards to the speed dating event – and if the person thought I was nutty – then he was not for me – and if the person thought what I did was really cool – then he might have a chance! How funny is that eh?  Of course, speed dating is a stretch – kinda like this journal card technique lol }

Getting back on topic… The nice thing about this project is that I can add additional cards as I think of things – so this is going to be one of those projects that keep going… lol.  Here’s what each journal card looked like and the Stampin’ Up! Colors I used – I colored and decorated front and back sides and added a few pockets that were made out of tags and coin sleeves (yes the things that you put coins in to make a coin roll – they make the best pockets and thank you Edie (host for One of a Kind Artists Art Club) for coming up with the idea here).

flourish top

january 2014 ooka project1

flourish bottom

So each card on the ring had a theme:

  • Card 1 – Positive Thinking
  • Card 2 – Art/ Being Creative
  • Card 3 – Bike Riding along the Lake
  • Card 4 – Spending Time at Beaches
  • Card 5 – Hot Air Balloon Rides
  • Card 6 – Baking
  • Card 7 – Spending Time at Tea and Coffee shops across the country

I also did something a little different – I used gesso to add a texture to each card (Again thank you Edie for this idea too!) before I applied ink to them… once the gesso dried I then antiqued each side of the card with Tim Holtz’s Walnut color ink (you can use soft suede from Stampin’ Up! as well) and then I applied using a felt pad Stampin’ Up!’s Strawberry Slush color and Riding Hood Red.  The last thing I did, again using a felt pad, was apply gold ink to each side so that the cards had a beautiful sheen to them…

Once I did this, then I decorated them.  I created my own embellishments and used liberally Crystal 3-D by Sakura.  This is the best Waterbased Clear Lacquer I could find… It takes a few hours to dry – but once it does – wow does it make the images pop nicely.

So I figured out there were five easy steps to make these:

  1. Cut the Cards and Apply Gesso
  2. Punch holes and attach the ringlets that go around the holes (both sides)
  3. Color the cards – Antique them using soft suede or tim holtz distressing walnut ink, color them and apply gold ink to make the card base.
  4. Decorate
  5. Attach to ring using the badge clips and add ribbon on ring

Here’s some of the supplies I used for this project:

flourish top

january 2014 ooka project supplies

flourish bottom

To pull the cards all together, I simply hole punched each corner and created hole ringlets using the red glitter paper at Paper Source.  I put a ringlet on each side of the card to give the hole a little more stability.  I then threaded a badge clip through each card and then attached the badge clips to a metal ring.

Once  I completed the project, I tied ribbons in matching colors (thank you Stampin’ Up! and Paper Source) on the metal ring!

For a project I was struggling with… it really turned out nice and I am now a fan of miniature journals like this one.  There are so many things you can do – a school journal where each card represents a year of school for the child… baby’s milestones… wedding day… so many uses…

Here’s the creative kits I created for the One of a Kind Artist’s Meetup Group which I was the guest host at (I hung the ring and badge clips and ringlets on the side of the bag so that the crafters can access them easily):

flourish top

january 2014 ooka project kits

flourish bottom

We had a wonderful time and each ladies’ miniature journal turned out beautifully different and told a story of love which is what Valentine’s Day is all about… !

Why not have me host a Creative Arts Party for you too!  I would love to be your group’s Creative Coach!

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