Creative Wrappings – Make Envelopes Your Way

Have you ever spent time making a beautiful card and could not find an envelope to fit… well now there is a new tool on the market to help you create custom envelopes complete with fold lines… and makes 60 envelope sizes to boot!  With the sizing guide, the envelope punch board takes the guesswork out of scoring and cutting… and two punches come with this beauty of a tool – a nifty corner rounder and also a envelope corner cutter.  Now you can make professional looking envelopes for all your card projects!

Here’s a great video to help you get started:

flourish top

We r Memory Keeper’s Envelope Punch Board

flourish bottom

Here’s my first attempt at making an envelope and matching envelope liner:

flourish top

envelop punch board sample

flourish bottom


Making an Envelope Liner:

You can make an Envelope Liner with the Envelope Punch Board.  For an A2 envelope Liner – simply cut your paper 7 3/4″ x 7 3/4″ and score at 3 1/2″ – only score lightly and from bottom of envelope punch board – just enough to line up the punch on the board. Follow this video for more instructions:

Bad Measurements on original envelope punch board:

Sadly, the measurements on the original envelope punch board are slightly off (this includes the Stampin’ Up! version of the envelope board)… you can print this out on label paper and adhere to the board so that the measurements are correct.  You can also phone We R Memory Keeper at 877.742.5937 8am-5pm MST for an updated label to place on your Envelope Punch Board that has the correct measurements.

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