Fast and Fabulous – Hue-ific Butterflies

Color is such an amazing thing and we humans certainly respond differently to each color.  Color surrounds us everyday of our lives.  Each color conveys a feeling.  The psychology of color evaluates what each color portrays.  It’s suggested that the color red creates the feeling of excitement, strength, sex, passion, speed, and danger. While green gives more of a relaxing feeling.  Green is also suggestive of nature and freshness.

Using a blue hue – you can generate a relaxed feeling with your card by simply accentuating the color blue…  I used a popular technique of placing butterflies on cardstock and coloring a pearl for the head.  I added a sweet touch by using the framed tulips embossing folder to emboss just the top and bottom of the cardstock to soften the look a bit… this would be a neat card for a birthday, thank you or even a celebration card…

Here’s an awesome color theory chart:

flourish top

psl emotones

flourish bottom

Using colors, you can create very very simple and quick card that packs a nice punch… this one takes about 10 minutes (seriously) to make.

flourish top

butterfly hues

flourish bottom

Ok… this one is going to be quick… so don’t go anywhere!  Grab your elegant butterfly punch… if you don’t have one… don’t worry I have lots!  You can order your 127526 elegant butterfly punch here.

Believe it or not, this took me about 10 minutes to make!:

1. Cut very vanilla cardstock 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″”… fold in half (4 1/4″) so that you have a vertical card.

2. Cut a very vanilla cardstock 5″ x 3 3/4″ – this will be your face of the card.  Emboss the card with the framed tulips embossing folder so that only the top and bottom of the card have the framed tulip boarder.

3. Take your elegant butterfly punch and punch two butterflies of each color:  pool party, marina mist and island indigo.

4. Take your pearl basic sheet and color the largest pearls using the stampin’ write markers – two of each color:  pool party, marina mist and island indigo.  Let dry a minute.

5. Using a stamp that fits in the large oval punch, stamp a phrase (or use MDS to make a phrase)… and then using the large oval punch punch it out.

That’s it… now assemble the card!  (see I told you this one was easy breezy!)

6. Assemble the card:

-Wrap Linen Thread three times around the 3 3/4″ x 5″ very vanilla embossed card at the bottom… secure the ends using a glue dot in the back of the card.  Snip a small piece of Linen Thread and tie the three strands together at the front left of the card. snips the ends of the knot so that they are even in size.

– Center and affix the 3 3/4″ x 5″very vanilla card onto the very vanilla 5 1/2″ x 4 1/4″ card using snail adhesive or glue dots.

– Using the glue dots, adhere each butterfly to the card making two columns, three rows of butterflies… keep the lightest color butterfly at the top and the darkest at the bottom… this will give a light and airy feel to the card.  Space the butterflies in each column so that they come above and below the framed tulips embossing.

– Take your oval card phrase and adhere to the middle bottom of the card.

– Take the large basic pearls and adhere them to the butterflys – match the color on the pearl to the color of the butterfly.

Voila – You are done!


– Try different colored designer series paper instead of solid cardstock or try using papers from magazines…

– Add a butterfly to the right inside of the card…

Enjoy and hope YOU can try this one… it is very easy and quick…

Marie Signature

Easy MDS


  1. Beautiful card design. I would love to know how you colored the basic pearls to match your butterfly. Would you be willing to share your technique?

  2. Oh gosh how silly of me not to mention our wonderful stampin’ write markers! We have one for each of our beautiful cardstock colors! I simply took the brush side of the marker and colored the pearl in before I removed it from the sheet of pearls… this allows me to completely cover the pearl without worrying about messing up my card! Once the pearl dries you could lift the colored pearl off the sheet and place on your card!

  3. Thank you for sharing. I can’t wait to try this 🙂

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