My Digital Studio – Big Big Announcement on Pricing!

Stampin’ Up! has some pretty darn exciting news about My Digital Studio!!! In preparation for reaching global markets, the name and pricing strategy has changed a bit… the new name of the software will change from MDS 2/2+ to simply My Digital Studio (MDS)… the pricing… for the regular MDS (used to be MDS 2+) it is now… take a drum roll…. $19.95!   This is not a promotion – this will be the new price for My Digital Studio!

Note: The content of MDS will be the MDS2+ content… so if you were in my training classes the content from the printouts I gave you has not changed.

Note: IF you are using MDS 1.0 you can get MDS light for free – this is without the extra content that was in MDS 2+ originally.  You’ll get the features but you will not get the content…

flourish top

mds new name

flourish bottom

I am sure you have lot and lots of questions… so here’s an FAQ about this change!   Here’s the original announcement at the site:

Click on the MDS Graphics next to my name to get this awesome digital scrapbooking software!!!

Happy Monday and Happy Scrappin!
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Easy MDS

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