Promotions – This and That Journaling Catalog 2013-2014 Sneak Peek

Smash Journaling fans… here’s a product just for you – now you can quickly journal about your life in a fun and uncomplicated way… This and That will be offered early to all of you … there are five smash type journaling products – purchase each of them individually or purchase as a bundle!!!  The options are really up to you….

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This and That

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This and That is an exciting new program from Stampin’ Up! that takes scrapbooking back to its roots. Simplistic, on-the-fly, and with no rules and no special crafting ability needed, you can keep snippets of your everyday life between the pages of the contemporary-style This and That Books.

So, what do you This and That? Well, it doesn’t have to be a life event, just the special little moments and mementos of your day—some of that stuff in your junk drawer, for example. A snapshot, a ticket stub from that movie you loved, a newspaper clipping, a magazine snippet, a cardboard coaster from a favorite restaurant, your child’s first crayon doodle…get the idea? Keep all the This and Thats from you life and jot a note or add a caption sticker, and go!

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Blessings… I hope YOU can try this style of scrapbooking and journaling  – it’s quick – it’s random – it’s creative – it’s just plain fun!

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Easy MDS

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