Classroom Inspirations – Use My Digital Studio v1.0 for Free to Inspire a Child

Teachers did you know that you can install My Digital Studio on every computer in your school for free?  Imagine how inspiring that would be for the kids… to sit down and make a scrapbook about themselves or a field trip or even their family… there are so many possibilities.

flourish topimacclassroom

flourish bottom

My Digital Studio works with both Windows and Mac computers… here’s how you can get My Digital Studio for free…

Simply fill in this form and then give me a call (224) 330-0425 and let me know you want me to come to your school to do a demo of My Digital Studio v1.0 and also take questions.  I will work with your school district’s IT department to validate that the software “sanctioned” and can be installed on the machines and voila – it is that easy…

Think how much more fun it would be for a child to drag a picture from a group of pictures and plop it into a scrapbook… you can even hook My Digital Studio up onto the smart board and have loads of fun… makes for a very creative and interactive way to teach…

I have two children who are in college now, but suffered from learning disorders all throughout school and sometimes the visual and touch really helped my kids learn and remember things…

Call me today to find out how you can inspire a child… check back her often to get ideas on how you can use My Digital Studio to help enhance your students learning experience!



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