My Digital Studio Mondays – Challenge – Sponging Punches

I really really enjoy My Digital Studio, but sometimes I miss doing the extra nice touches such as sponging the edges of a shape I had cut out.  Now with the Vintage Overlays you can get the same effect in My Digital Studio.  How nifty is that?  Here’s a video tutorial of how to do this…

flourish top

flourish bottom

I was kinda thinking today how much joy I have sitting in my papier studio and simply creating.  That got me to gently thinking about what God feels when he creates us… the stars… the flowers… animals… and how much love and joy he must have for each of us… Can you imagine God’s art studio?

Here’s what I dreamed up in My Digital Studio using the Shape Shadow Technique… {note the shadowing is much much smoother in My Digital Studio… I had to water down this image a bit for web display…}

flourish topMy Project 5-001

flourish bottom

Now YOU try!

It’s not too late to get your special someone the My Digital Studio 2.0 software… click here to order now!

Sharing Faith Creatively


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