Sinful Saturdays: Making Beautiful Stationary Monograms – Quick. Easy. Fun!

Stationary is such a fun thing… and with My Digital Studio you can make wonderful stationary… I adore the stationary where a monogram is in the middle and then there is a circle of text around the monogram for the address… and did you know that My Digital Studio does this!  Can we all say A W E S O M E at the same time?  This is better than dipping chocolate biscotti in coffee… well… maybe not but it is close.

So here’s the finished stationary monogram and I did this in 5 steps!

flourish top

Sinful Saturday Stationary

flourish bottom

Now YOU try as I go through each step…  you don’t have to use the same stamps/papers/fonts/embellishments… these steps work for pretty much anything … don’t be afraid to have a little fun here… you are allowed!

Sinful Saturday Attach to Shape

Step 1.Freeform Draw a Circle

Using the Freeform Shape drawing tool, draw a simple circle – don’t worry about size – we can deal with size later…  make sure the circle color is black so you can see it!

Step 2.  Text

Insert the text you would like to see around the circle.  It can be as simple as Let’s Get Creative to your address… and again we can resize the circle shape once your text is attached to the shape.

Step 3. Attach

Select both the circle freeform shape you drew and the text … you have to make sure they are both selected (you can do this by holding the shift key down and clicking on each item).  While having both the text and freeform shape selected, select the right mouse menu by right mouse clicking.  You should see a menu option that says attach to shape.

Step 4. Hide Line or Recolor Line

Now you should see your text curling around the circle… so it is now time to remove the circle by simply hiding the line or re-coloring the freeform circle shape your background color.   You can right mouse click on the line and select the edit object menu option.  Make sure you single click on the circle so that the text editor does not pop up!  You can hide your line by checking the Hide Line check box or you can recolor your freeform circle shape by using the color tool in the freeform shape menu.

Step 5. Reshape and Embellish with color, stamps

Now you can reshape your image to what you desire… I chose to make my shape an oval.  You can edit the text in the attached shape by simply double clicking on the shape… get creative… use fonts to spark emotion! If you look closely I also did this technique to the “Scrap” word in the little flag on the flowers!

This is my favorite step… add embellishments…  I am using the beautiful digital stamps from A little of this digital stamp set that comes with My Digital Studio 2.0.  The PSL monogram was done using a Chopin font.  I believe the Chopin font is standard with windows – if you do not have it you can get this font at for free and download.

Step 6: Take it up a notch – try this …

Try this … instead of using the Freeform Shape tool, try using a punch.. .and then filling in the punch with a paper, matt it and then select the text you want to go inside the punch and use the attach to shape… voila a nice journaling technique!

Phew… we are done!  Great Job!

Well… Happy Sinful Saturday!  If you liked this tutorial… please call me to request an Intro to My Digital Studio 2.0 Technique class.  This is one of the techniques I teach !

Did I inspire YOU to make something beautiful?



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