Sinful Saturdays: Doing a Vintage Scrapbook Page in 7 Steps!

If you haven’t guessed already, I l-o-v-e the vintage look… and scrapbooking vintage took me a while to learn and get comfy with – I can layout a Vintage page now in 7 steps – let me show you how…

First let me share with you the finished Scrapbook Page… and then I can take you on a 7-Step Vintage Adventure!  The photo is of a beautiful fall Lake Michigan Sunset here in the northshore area in Chicago, Illinois… {another thing I am thankful for… living near a beach … beautiful!}

flourish top

7 Step Vintage Final

flourish bottom

Nheart frame vintage image vry smow YOU try as I go through each step…  you don’t have to use the same stamps/papers/fonts/embellishments… these steps work for pretty much anything vintage…  also call me if you want me to setup a Vintage Digital Scrapbooking class for a group of girls… it’s a really fun class… and we get to do High Tea… but that’s for another topic …

7 Step Vintage

Step 1. Stamp

Stamp your images on a very vanilla or whisper white background.  I am using very vanilla background with the Daring Adventure Stamps: Background, Element 1 and Hot Air Balloon and the Autumn Elements Stamps: Flower Flourish 2, Flourish 1 and Flourish 2.

Have fun reshaping the size of your stamps {another great reason to digital scrapbook} and play with the send to back / bring to front order menu option {right click on the stamp image and select order menu option}… I added a title just to get an idea of where on the page the title should go…

Step 2.  Shadow

Add a Shadow to your stamps.  On the stamp tool, there is a shadow feature.  To shadow all your stamps at once {that’s what I do} simply click on one stamped image and then select the stamp shadow tool and click the check box that says apply shadow to all stamps on page.  Voila – your done – easy breezy…

You can play with the color of the shadow and also how big and small you want the shadow – have at it… the goal is to create dimension here.

Step 3. Color

Now this is the fun part – add color to your stamps.  Think about what colors in your picture you want to accentuate.  Think about how to romance your viewer of the page with color…

Play around with the Opacity.  The less Opacity of your stamped image, the more see through/transparent it will be…

I am using the Going Gray, Baja Breeze, Basic Gray and Soft Suede colors… can you spot each of them?  See how I made some of the colors darker to add dimension and focus?

Step 4. Background

Now you can pick a background.  I like doing this after I have my stamped images colored and placed so that I can now figure out which background fits the theme/style… this is a little different than traditional scrapbooking.

I selected the Designer Series Paper/Soft Suede Villa and I set it to 50% opacity.  This way the background does not take over the page and highlights the shadows from the stamps…

Step 5. Add Photo/ Punches

Now you can add your photo… I did something interesting… I actually matted the photo with very vanilla and then below the photo I punched out a rectangle to make a vintage polaroid picture look!  {my daughter is nagging me about getting one of these… sheeesh… }

You can merge the punch and the photo and then rotate to get your placement just right.  I added a shadow.

Refine and play around with Ordering your stamps {bring to front/ bring to back} to get the look you want… remember show dimension!!!

Step 6. Embellish!

This is my favorite step… add embellishments… I am using the Baja Breeze Brads and Baja Breeze Bow for the Daring Adventure – Hot Air Balloon Stamp.  See how cute that turned out?  I also used the Hodge Podge Hardware Brad – Filigree 2 and a Basic Pearl – Large – can you spot them?  They are right in the middle of the Autumn Elements – Flourish 1 and Flourish 2.

Also play around with the layering a bit using again the Ordering tool… you can right mouse click on the stamped image or embellishment to get the ordering menu to show up.

Step 7: Caption…

This step is a fun step too!  Add captions to your scrapbook page:  title, photo caption and maybe bottom of page caption…

When I do this step, I like to take out magazines and see what inspirations I get…  I am using a few fonts:  Baroque Script for the Heading, Baskerville for the “walking” word and Berbard the photo caption… {see doesn’t it really look like a polaroid?}  and Baskerville for the date…

Phew… we are done!  Great Job!

Well… Happy Sinful Saturday!  If you liked this tutorial… please call me to book a my 7 Step Vintage Class – we make all kinds of things!

Did I inspire YOU to make something beautiful?



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