My Digital Studio Mondays – Challenge – Make a Family Heirloom Recipe Book

My Digital Studio Monday  is coming early! And boy to I have a real treat for you… I recently upgraded to My Digital Studio 2.0 Plus and wow – I cannot even begin to tell you how many stamps, embellishments and papers you get this upgrade… I would highly recommend you do this…

So… the My Digital Studio 2.0 has 75 new (wow) features… I kinda didn’t believe it so… we are going to see what My Digital Studio 2.0 can really do.  I have been wanting to make a template for a Family Heirloom Recipe Book.  I also have been wanting to test drive the 75 … yes that’s right.. 75 new features that My Digital Studio 2.0 has…

I love the French Shabby Chic look (you should see my house and studio… in matter fact you should! Stop by and I can give you a tour!)…

So I started this project on Saturday night and finished Sunday afternoon – pretty quick and what took the most time was really me – trying to decide how to layout each page so that the page had dimension and also the page captivated the reader…

I dream of my daughter or daughter-in-law (who knows who that will be) sitting on the porch on a sweet summer day just lingering over the stories I added to each recipe… maybe I will be sipping sweet tea with them!  Maybe I’ll have them cook for me for once ha ha!

Here’s the finished Family Heirloom Cookbook My Digital Studio template take my Family Heirloom Cookbook class to learn how to do this yourself in My Digital Studio!

I have also provided a link to the 75!  yes that is correct… 75 new features of MDS 2.0 under the Helpful Hints menu of this blog… I promise more hints will be coming…

PSL Heirloom Cookbook Digital Class Thumb

Here’s the link to the class flyer…

Please if you like this one… pinterest/ facebook this and share!  Also there are voting buttons and these voting buttons help me know if the content is helpful… so vote!  and nice thing about this blog voting is you don’t have to be over 17 to vote and if you are over 40 it is ok to fib about your age a bit!  I am simply stuck being a 21 year old – but with wisdom lol!

Enjoy and more to come!



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