My Digital Studio Helpful Hint: Knowing what fonts and digital media you used…

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Digital Scrapbooking presents a different set of challenges… with so many fonts, embellishments, stamps and papers to choose from… it is so easy to forget from page to page what you did… especially if the Digital Scrapbook is being created month to month… hmm…

My Digital Studio ™ v2.0 has two ways to track all the Digital Supplies you have used… and what’s really cool is that you can print it so that, if you are like me, you can read it on paper! You can also view online too… just easier for me on paper…

So you can find these little gems on the Project Menu in My Digital Studio ™ v2.0:

project supply list menu

The Check Page for Errors Menu Option will not only check your page for Errors but it will also show you the fonts you used.  You can then print this list out so that you can keep it with your project file folder… here’s what the Check Page for Errors result screen looks like:

Error Checking Fonts

The Project Supply List Menu Option is also pretty nifty!  It will go through ALL your pages in your My Digital Studio ™ v2.0 project and will list out page by page all the “ingredients” that made up the page… Here’s what the Project Supply List results look like – and again you can print this out and put it with your Digital Scrapbooking Project file folder  – it even shows you the photos and custom graphics you used!:

Project Supply List

So have at it – use as much or little digital media as you want – My Digital Studio ™ v2.0 has got you covered!



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