Day 5: Building a Family Tree Page in 10 Steps!

My ultimate goal for using My Digital Studio Software from Stampin’ Up!  is to begin recording Family History for my children.  I decided to scour the internet in search of the perfect Tree clip art for a family tree page.  I found a tree and quickly created my stamp – using Day 3’s tutorial!

The result was amazing… I was able to use existing designer papers and added an oval photo of my daughter Nicole.  The font I am using for the Title and Surname is Parchment… as you can see I am not quite done… but wanted to share!

Family Tree Recipe:

  • Step 1:  Set your page background to: Basic Black Brocade Designer Series Paper
  • Step 2: Punch out a portion of the page using: Curly Label Punch- Whisper White Background and resize punched area to be a little smaller than page size – leaving a small border of Black Brocade Designer Series Paper.
  • Step 3: Place the Tree Image inside the Curly Label Punched area
  • Step 4: Add a few pieces of text using the Parchment Font.  Set the colors to basic black or going grey.  I have the words Family Tree and Garcia (Surname) in this font.  I believe I set the first letter of the font to be 56 and the rest of the letters in word to be 48.  This gives it a nice look and allows your eyes to have a better focal point.
  • Step 5:  Add an oval photo widget (set the shape to round and then reshape to be an oval.)  Center the oval photo widget to be on the trunk of the tree.
  • Step 6: Drop the photo into the oval photo widget.  Resize photo so that entire face shows up.  Set the Photo color (using the Photo Effect tool) to black and white if you are using a color photo.  Set the photo to be matted with a basic black color mat – size 4.
  • Step 7:  Place a black ribbon bow above the oval.  You will have to resize bow to fit size of oval.
  • Step 8:  Using the Modern Label Punch, punch a label and set color to white with a shadow.  Punch as many as you need here for your family tree.  These will be used for the names of your family members and ancestors.
  • Step 9: Using the Favorite Things category – find the Favorite things stamp – set to basic black and stamp the frame and resize to outline the Modern Label Punch.
  • Step 10:  Add text (basic black color) within the Modern Frame punched area for each family member’s name.  I used Arial Narrow and added name and birth date/death date.
  • You are done!  Voila – a Family Tree in 10 Steps!

As you can see… if you let your imagination go a little bit… you can come up with some really nice pages…



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