Day 4: Customizing My Digital Studio

Being that I am a graphic artist, I like having the ability to create my own stamps – sometimes from combining stamps and sometimes from pictures I have taken…  and with My Digital Studio you can customize… here’s a picture of some of the custom stamps I have created:

If you look closely, you can see that in My Digital Studio I have selected the Stamp Tool and have picked a Stamp Set called Maries Stamps.

This is a Stamp Set I have created by simply making .png files from some of my creations.

How to Create Your Own Stamp Set:

  • Step 1:  Open up Mac OSX’s Finder tool and select Applications Folder.
  • Step 2:  Next select the My Digital Studio Folder.
  • Step 3:  Next select the Components Folder.
  • Step 4:  Next select the Stamps Folder.
  • Step 5:  Now, create a new folder – I created a folder called Maries Stamps.  The name of the folder will appear in the Stamp Menu while you are in My Digital Studio, so name it something good!
  • Step 6: Copy the .png files you have created into the new directory you just created.
  • Step 7: Open up My Digital Studio.  When the application starts, it will scan the My Stamps directory for any new folders and update the Stamp Menu.
  • Step 8: Select the Stamp Tool and pick your new Stamp Set (directory) you created.  Voila – you should see your new images (.png) on the Stamp window.  Select one of your images and stamp it on the project’s paper you are working with.  You can resize your stamps larger or smaller.

It’s that easy… and by doing this, you can save yourself time in recreating stamp images that you like to use a lot.  What I like most is how easy it is to resize the image.

Note:  If you are making a stamp, make sure that you save the .png files as transparent so that they do not bring over the white background :).



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