Day 3: My Digital Studio – First Digital Scrapbook

Oh I am so excited!  I want to create an album for my daughter’s events/ activities during her sweet 16 birthday year… kinda like a photo journal… Stampin’ Up! Style.

So I snarfed every photo I could find of my daughter on facebook and made a really cute scrapbook…  here’s a sneak peak… and oh it was so so easy!

My Digital Studio – Mac Version of Software

With My Digital Studio, everything is super easy.  I selected the Happy Bday Theme when I created the project and all the layouts were created for me.  How easy is that?

I think I made 12 pages in 1 hour and funny… I spent more time hunting down photos on facebook than I did working on the actual scrapbook!!!

I was able to export this to a Quicktime movie file that then I loaded on facebook to share with my friends and family!!!  I used the second best quality type: computer performance and set the speed at 3 seconds per frame.

I also used the printing services to print out the 11.5″ x 8.5″ photo journal.  I put extra pages in the back of the photo journal for my daughter to glue/ scrapbook her own touches… ie: guitar pick from her favorite band member or pictures with her friends that were not included in the journal digitally… the printing services couldn’t be easier!

I give this software 5 stars!!!



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